Metal Set Fantasy Metals
Type Ore
Data Values (Vein) ID: 919
Data Values (Brick) ID: 920
Mineable Level: 4
Experience Rewarded 15
Tool Stats
Durability 50
Mining Level 5
Enchantability 40
Spawn info
Veins per Chunk 3
Ore per Vein 2

Carmot is a metal in fantasy metals. It is quite rare and can be crafted into tools and armour, but the tools and armour are very weak. Carmot can also be a fuel source for an abstractor. Like all metals carmot can also be crafted into a block, bricks and dust. Although Carmot has really low durability it can mine almost every ore in Metallurgy 2 and Minecraft.

2013-07-17 17.36.24

Carmot blocks, tools, and armor.


  • Carmot is the name of one of the rare materials used to craft Etherium in the Magic: The Gathering universe.

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