Metal Set Modern Metals
Type Ore
Data Values (Brick) ID: ???
Experience Rewarded Unknown
Tool Stats
Durability Unknown, should be Medium-High
Mining Level Unknown, should be around 4 or 5
Enchantability ??

Chromium is a metal that actually exists in the real world. Actual Chromium has a silvery metallic appearance, and it is also lustrous, hard and birttle. Chromium is the hardest known metal element of all discovered elements, though fictional elements such as Orichalcum and Adamantine would have more durability and would be harder. Chromium has a high melting point of over 1900 degrees Fahrenheit  and also resists tarnishing. Chromium is one of the components used in making stainless steel, and is one of main reasons for why it doesn't rust​. Chromium was also used in the first laser in 1960.