Ender Metals are a set of 3 metals, Eximite, Meutoite and Desichalkos, which is an alloy from mixing the previous two. Ender Metals, as the name suggests, can only be found in the End.


Eximite is the only naturally spawned metal in the End that can be crafted into tools and armor. It is a dull purple in color. The crafting recipes are the exact same as the other metals. Eximite has a durability of 1000, which is 562 less than diamond, and an enchantability of 25 (diamond is 10). Mixing it with Meutoite forms Desichalkos.


Meutoite is found in the End, and cannot be used to craft armor or tools on its own. It can be used for decorative blocks, however. Mixing Meutoite Dust with Eximite Dust forms Desichalkos. Meutoite can also be used for creating ender pearls. Filling every slot in the crafting table except the center with Meutoite Ingots will reward you with eight Ender Pearls, providing a safer alternative for acquiring ender pearls. It is colored a very dull purple which is close to black.

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Meutoite items and blocks


Desichalkos can not be found anywhere and is instead crafted by by mixing Meutoite and Eximite together, forming Desichalkos. Desichalkos is stronger than diamond (1800 whereas diamond is 1562) and has a much higher enchantability (30 while diamond has 10) and has a speed of 10, but is hard to acquire as the player must travel to the End and face it's dangers while mining for the required materials. It is a bright purple in color.

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Desichalkos blocks, armor, tools and items