The Fantasy Metals set introduces new metals with higher-than-average enchantability ranging from Stone to post-Diamond strength, but have a lower spawn rate. Metals in this set are inspired by fictional metals and elements from fictional universes; novels, comics, and games alike, for example: Black Steel orginates from Runescape, a metal with an unknown origin often used by low-level players.


Fantasy Metals are split into three different categories: Ores, Catalysts, and Alloys.

Fantasy OresEdit

Fantasy ores are found throughout the Overworld at any level and do not require any combination with other ores to craft.

PrometheumOre Prometheum
DeepIronOre Deep Iron
OureclaseOre Oureclase
AredriteOre Aredrite
AstralSilverOre Astral Silver
CarmotOre Carmot
MithrilOre Mithril
OrichalcumOre Orichalcum
AdamantineOre Adamantine
AtlarusOre Atlarus

Fantasy CatalystsEdit

Fantasy catalysts are found throughout the Overworld and are required to make higher-tier tools and armour. Tools and armour cannot be crafted with catalysts alone.

InfuscoliumOre Infuscolium
RubraciumOre Rubracium

Fantasy AlloysEdit

Combined with the right metal, Fantasy Alloys have the potential to be even stronger than Diamond. However, some alloys require the Precious Metals set. To create an alloy, convert the required ores into dust via the Crusher and combine them within the crafting menu.

Metal Required Ores
BlackSteelBar Black Steel Deep Iron + Infuscolium
QuickSilverBar Quicksilver* Mithril + Silver
HaderothBar Haderoth Mithril + Rubracium
CelenegilBar Celenegil* Orichalcum + Platinum
TartariteBar Tartarite Adamantine + Atlarus

* Requires the Precious Metal set