Metal Set Base Metals
Type Alloy
Data Values (Brick) ID: 903
Experience Rewarded 6
Tool Stats
Durability 750
Mining Level 4
Enchantability 18

Steel is an Alloy in the Base Metals set. It is made by combining Iron and Manganese. Steel is the highest tier of the base metals, and statistically the best. It has a mining level equivalent to diamond, making it very useful for harvesting obsidian or other, higher tier ores. Steel has a durability that is roughly triple that of iron, and a speed on par with Gold. Steel also has a high damage stat and a great armor value, making it the perfect material choice for weapons or armor.

Steel can be crafted in a 2x2 square to make a decorative steel block, or crafted into shears, a bucket, or rails much the same way as iron. Steel is also used to craft the 5th and highest-tier Crusher and Furnace upgrades.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Dust

Maganese Dust

Steel Dust


  • In real life, Steel is a Ferrous metal created primarily by mixing Carbon (C) and Iron (Fe).